You don't need consent to modify an artwork. When you put your art out for people to consume your consenting to the viewing, and saving it for their use.
Like modifying a game console/ radio you bought from the store.

And the people who say that "its lifeless" is emotional speaking. It comes from people but not from the person putting in a prompt.

The main issue is people plagiarizing other artists work as their own and profiting from work thats not theirs.

AI art is all fair use. It's just a more refined version of photo-bashing that people in the video game industry do for concept art.

The only thing it would replace is stock assets.

No one in the modern age believes in "freedom of speech."

A new rule should be made that anyone who call themselves a "free speech absolutist" has to prove it.

Freedom died in the west.

People debate what's free speech while changing the definition to suit their narrative

It shifts between if speech is offensive or degenerate.

The majority of recent anime is the same procedural surface level 24 episode garbage thats made to appease the masses who have no standards.

Does it look flashy and explosive on the surface? Must mean its great.

The entire gaming market is conmen coming from movies making overpriced walking simulators or ruining older franchises as they can't create anything new themselves.

The only new game Iv'e seen that seems like its fun and was made with care with replay value is the new kirby one.

Japan had a renaissance where they took the creativity Disney established and created great works of art that appreciated youth, fertility, and beauty. Something the west demonizes.

Similar to how the greeks conquered the romans through their art, Japan did so to the world.

But since it's a vassal state and extension of the west, the wests illness and sickness is also theirs.
I would say the vast majority of things peaked in the early 2010's

The only exception I found was "Academy Of Ideas".

"TheMachiavellians" is another more recent one.

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What I found is that any mouth piece who explained his ideas dumbed them down to their level or down right butchered them as they are too disingenuous or shallow for something so honest and insightful.

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What I like about Nietzsche is his writings come from a place of strength and courage rather than weakness and wishful thinking.

To be able to progress an idea to it's logical conclusion uninhibited.

His greatness and intellect (what I understood from the few things I gathered) came from the perspectives of when he was healthy and unhealthy.

What's defined as genius from the genius of geniuses is that it's the ability to continually lay stones.

To build upon something.
This is different to talent which is inherent ability that someone is born with.

So regardless of whether someone is "talented" or not, everyone has the capacity to cultivate genius.

What sets the casts of human beings apart is the willingness to walk forward despite circumstance and to make use of everything in their way.

Even an ant or worm can become godlike.


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